Crystal D.

Do not wait to get relief!

Great bedside manner! Doctor (Dr. Fulmer) performing my procedure was informative and attentive.

(San Antonio, TX)

Stephanie D.

Awesome place!

Everyone from office staff to the doctors are always super friendly, informative and make me feel comfortable!

(Midland, TX)

Lesa S.

Great experience! They took very good care of me and were very professional.

(Waco, TX)

Patricia G.

My recovery from the procedure was painless. Minimal inflammation and practically no soreness. I never knew that I was suffering this much with my sinuses until after this procedure. I have recommended this BSP to everyone I know that suffers from allergies. I feel I have regained my life back. This really was an amazing experience.

(San Antonio, TX)

Rachel M.

Unforgettable Experience!!

The team at Aspire Allergy and Sinus are so friendly. Dr Fulmer took care of me and my sinus problems which kept me from living a outgoing life and the recovery time was short and painless. Would recommend this team to anyone with any sinus or allergy issue. 10 out of 10.

(Corpus Christi, TX)

Farris P.

My sinuses are much better.

(Midland, TX)

James U.

Very attentive to my needs .

(Midland, TX)

Kimberly C.

I am very satisfied with the results of my surgeries. Before my surgeries, I could not breathe out of the right side of my nose. After I had Balloon Sinuplasty, turbinate reduction surgery, and septoplasty my nose is open and air is actually going through both sides of my nose. The staff was very patient with me and extremely professional. It is so nice to be able to breathe out of my whole nose for the first time in my life. I definitely recommend Aspire Allergy!

(Midland, TX)

Jennifer L.

The whole process is quick and pain free with a very short healing time. The staff is great and will answer any questions. Definitely worth the time to get it done!

(Waco, TX)

Hayden B.

The results of this procedure have been excellent! Dr Fulmer's patient care is outstanding. I would highly recommend having this procedure done for anyone who struggles with chronic sinus issues!

(Midland, TX)

Ruthie H.

My experience at Aspire Allergy was super. The surgery was quick, the doctor was excellent, the nurses were helpful. The recovery was normal and uneventful. I have much less congestion than I had before. I would definitely recommend this place.

(Midland, TX)

Beatrice E.

Best decision to have a Sinuplasty!!

(Midland, TX)

Darlissa W.

My experience with the Sinuplasty, was well worth it all.

Years of sinuses problems, was all my life pretty much was given medications to cover up the problem.

Pressure coughing, bending over, congestion at night and sometimes during the day, has been eliminated. And would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Thank you,

Paul Fulmer and your staff

(Midland, TX)

Marisa E.

Very caring staff. Doctors very knowledgeable and explained things thoroughly. I definitely needed this procedure and can absolutely feel the difference this made for me. I appreciate how quickly the office staff resolved any concerns I had over insurance. I recommend Aspire every chance I get.

(Midland, TX)

Josh H.

Went well, breathing free again.

(Midland, TX)

Sylvia S.

My procedure was a success even though the healing part was a bit difficult, yet well worth it. I appreciate the phone number to call nurses about questions I had about healing process because they were able to answer questions pretty quickly helping me understand what was happening.

(Midland, TX)

Chris C.

Courteous, comfortable, informed.

(Midland, TX)

Abby P.

Awesome. Will refer friends and family.

(Midland, TX)

Ellen C.

It was great, loved Dr Fulmer!  He put me at ease, and he certainly knows what he is doing.

(Midland, TX)

Hallie U.

Everyone was absolutely amazing to me!

(Midland, TX)

Samantha L.

All so friendly and really listen to me rather than rush me out the door.

(Midland, TX)

Jana M.

Awesome, and it was a Great Experience!

(Midland, TX)

Kristyn R.

Dr Fulmer and the staff have been very helpful and have provided good care through the entire process of opening my sinus.

(Midland, TX)

Maura R.

Procedure was quick and easy.

(Midland, TX)

Jose L.

Everything was excellent!   Dr Fulmer and nurses were amazing, explaining everything and taking care of my needs! The procedure has definatly changed my life for the better.

(Midland, TX)

Francisca S.

My experience has been a great one! The staff was very nice and professional.

(Midland, TX)

Alonso M.

I just wish I would've came here years ago. I can breath again and my allergies are non existent after my Balloon Sinuplasty. Great staff very professional. Highly recommend!

(Midland, TX)

Sherry L.

A Life Change

Sinuplasty changed my life. I never knew a person could inhale so much air at once. I wish I had had this procedure years ago. This staff is pleasant, efficient, and timely. I highly recommend this clinic and procedure.

(Midland, TX)

Paige D.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure was great. It has helped me so much.

(Midland, TX)

Minerva S.

Best decision I could've done for myself.  I feel so much better now, I can breath, and I feel like myself again.

(Midland, TX)

Christopher W.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff are great people, and they made my Sinuplasty procedure very pleasant. I would personally refer anyone with sinus or allergies to come see Dr. Fulmer.

(Midland, TX)

David T.

Painless and effective. That is how I would describe the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and how I feel now 4 weeks post procedure. Just like the commercial says, my only regret is not coming in sooner! Thank you Texan Allergy and Sinus Center!!!

(Waco, TX)

Anna P.

I have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere here in the clinic and the genuine courtesy of the entire staff. The detailed care that took place in not just bandaging my issues, but to resolve the issue is the type of care we all deserve.

(San Antonio, TX)

Margaret M.

The procedure and pre-procedure prep was great! I did not feel as informed about what to expect post-procedure and when I called afterwards with questions did not get clear answers but overall fantastic experience!

(San Antonio, TX)

David C.

Excellent care

(Midland, TX)

Brianna M.

My experience here at Texan Allergy has been great. Staff is friendly and my doctor is amazing.

(Midland, TX)

Adriana L.

Highly Recommended!

The staff is highly attentive and Dr. Fulmer did a wonderful job not only with the procedures, but his post op appointments are highly informational and friendly.

(San Antonio, TX)

Shirley M.

Wonderful results it feels great not to constantly have a sinus infection!!

(Midland, TX)

Judy L.

Wonderful staff.  Everyone was very polite and helpful.

(Midland, TX)

Susan A.

The total experience was great. The staff have been very helpful through all of the process and even when I had questions in between they were always helpful. I am glad that they were able to help me get rid of the horrible sinus issues I had been dealing with. I would recommend this office to anyone.

(Midland, TX)

Michael L.

This was a Very good experience from the first day to the last day.

(Midland,  TX)

Susan H.

Thrilled with results!

Excellent care, thorough explanations, and great follow up. I'm so happy with the results of the surgery!!!

(San Antonio, TX)

John S.

This was a good experience. No pain after or when waking up from the procedure. I was able to breath and the fluid was able to drain from my ears properly immediately after the surgery. All the staff was helpful and friendly.

(San Antonio, TX)

Jeremy M.

I can breathe again!!

Great overall experience. Staff was friendly, helpful and there were no wait times.

(Midland, TX)

Dorothy W.

I had never considered sinus surgery and was hesitant to create an appointment but finally, my sinus headaches and pressure became overwhelming and began making it harder to go to work, exercise and even sleep. The first appointment with the PA educated me about my options and helped me understand opportunities available to me to help alleviate my symptoms. I immediately scheduled the Balloon Sinuplasty and now, after a full recovery, I am so happy with my decision. The whole staff have been kind, considerate and shown excellent professionalism. May sound odd, but I am actually looking forward to allergy testing and future treatment of my underlying allergy issues. My only problem involved a not-very-nice RN on the office's telephonic help-line. Hopefully, she was just having a bad day. Thanks again for all your help.

(San Antonio, TX)

Lauren K.

The procedure, Balloon Sinuplasty, was easy and the recovery time was amazing. The pain was not bad at all afterwards, and I had no bruising on my face. I would highly recommend the procedure if you are a candidate.  I can breath easier, and I have had no sinus pressure at all.

(San Antonio, TX)

Jennifer D.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff are great! They are always very helpful and friendly. Dr. Fulmer was very informative regarding my procedure. I felt comfortable. I have been very pleased with the procedure, how I feel, and the care they have given me. I would definatley recommend this to everyone. Thank you!

(Midland, TX)

Shannon M.

Dr. Fulmer and staff were great. The surgery went well, and I traveled the next week, and I was in no pain.

(San Antonio, TX)

Shannon P.

Excellent experience and both doctor and staff are amazing.

(San Antonio, TX)

Josef R.

Overall it was a benign procedure. No complaints. No pain and thus far I am pleased with the early results. I would recommend to parties experiencing the same issues I had.

(Midland, TX)

Jake G.

I have noticed such an amazing difference from the turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty!  Dr. Fulmer and his staff have been incredible to work with and I am really happy with the entire experience. I plan to continue with this physician and practice going forward with any of my sinus and allergy problems.

(San Antonio, TX)

Karla I.

I can breath through my nose!

Best experience I have had.  Everyone was kind and thoughtful.  I was a scared little nenny, but the Balloon Sinuplasty went well, and not a real reason to be scared.

(Midland, TX)

Martin M.

Great Staff and Results!!

Staff has been amazing every single visit. Dr. Fulmer explained everything in detail where I could understand and the results have been exactly what he described, which are great. It is even better than what I expected.

(Midland, TX)

Nadia T.

The procedure and recovery was very quick and comfortable.

(Midland, TX)

Juanita W.

The entire staff at Texan Allergy & Sinus have been absolutely amazing. I feel 99% better after my Sinuplasty. Next step is allergy testing, which has already been discussed. Thank you for caring!

(Midland, TX)

Mitchell H.

Very professional and knowledgeable.  The procedure and post-op appointments were quick and went well, with no unexpected issues or side effects.

(Midland, TX)

Angellech B.


I feel as if my entire life has changed because of this surgery. My head felt like it would explode literally every night. I could not sleep and no pain pills would help. Now I am off sleeping pills, I am off pain pills and I can breathe with ease. I would recommend this surgery to anyone in need. It saved my life. Also, it healed really fast and I was able to continue living my life as if I had never had surgery.

(San Antonio, TX)

Galen B.

The Sinuplasty was a very short and painless procedure. I can breathe through my nose without restriction for the first time in my life.

(San Antonio, TX)

Shay L.

Dr. Fulmer and the staff were great! The delivery, communication, and the process were flawless by the team!

(Midland, TX)

Theresa B.

It was great and fast. I did not feel anything while having the procedure. Easiest procedure I have every had. Wonderful to have my sinuses cleared up. Recover time was great.

(Midland, TX)

Jose M.

I feel awesome. Procedure was easy, fast and painless. No more sinus headaches!! Yess....

(Midland, TX)

Sharla S.


(Midland, TX)

Anthony P.

The team was friendly, professional, and genuinely seemed to care about the issues I was having.

(Midland, TX)

Tracy J.

Dr. Fulmer and staff were excellent, great results and experience. I'm feeling a whole lot better.

(Midland TX)

Adea V.

He seems concerned and communicative. A job well done !

(Midland, TX)

Xavier F.

I can breathe so much better now! I am glad I had the procedure done.

(San Antonio, TX)

Tracy S.

Wonderful experience from beginning to end!

This office is beautiful. It also is a one stop shop! I was tested for allergies, got the X-ray(CT) of my sinuses, and was diagnosed in ONE appointment. My procedure was life changing! No more pressure and headaches! The day of the procedure was also very easy and the recovery even easier! So happy with my results and this office! Highly recommend!!

PS: I never had to 'wait' either at my appointments! Great experience all around from doctors to office staff!

(San Antonio, TX)

Kashley B.

Everyone in the office was super nice and extremely helpful, they were very quick to diagnose and treat! They were very kind and always willing to answer questions. The checkups were super quick and just a fun, kind and caring environment. The results of my Balloon Sinuplasty were FANTASTIC!  I was sick with sinusitis for SOOO long and I finally feel so much better! Super thankful! Thanks you guys! What a great team!

(Midland, TX)

Priscilla S.

Dr. Fulmer and the staff were extremely nice and gentle, which made for a comfortable visit.

(Midland, TX)

Jessica W.

I feel much better after my procedure.  I can actually breathe.  I usually would have had several sinus infections by now and have not had any. The doctor and nurses were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

(Midland, TX)

Scotty F.

I can breathe!!!

A very quick and easy surgery that has changed my life for the better. Doctor and staff are very professional and a comfort to be around.

(Midland, TX)

Brittany R.

Everything great!!!

Procedure was super fast and the best part is that I have been able to breathe so much better in the last 4 weeks, its amazing!!! The staff and Doctor are so nice and helpful, great experience and I will recommend them to everyone I know!!!

(Midland, TX)

Carey R.

Doctors and staff were great.

(Midland, TX)

Brooke K.

Finally, I can breathe!

Amazing and professional staff who always had answers and were easily accessible.

(San Antonio, TX)

Miabel S.

Overall my experience was good! Due to my Dysautonomia disorder, right after my surgery was rough because my nerves were inflamed, but after I calmed down my nervous system, I healed great! Since the surgery I have had no problems and the staff and doctor here is great! Overall I have been extremely pleased with my results.

(San Antonio, TX)

Kimberly H.

Appointments are on time - no wait - thank YOU! Staff and doc are attentive and KIND.

(Midland, TX)

Olga T.

Friendliest staff and great bedside manners I have ever had.

(San Antonio, TX)

Danielle S.

Love this Place!

Everyone is always super friendly and helpful and they remember their patients. They gave me a new way to live. I can breath and taste food again!!

(Midland, TX)

Carol G.

Results have been great!

The results have been great I feel 100 percent better and Dr. Fulmer has been awesome as well.  I am very satisfied with everything overall.

(Midland, TX)

Jennifer G.

Everyone has been so professional and helpful. I would recommend them and do recommend them to anyone and everyone suffering with allergies or asthma. I feel so much better and have not been sick. My asthma is under control for the first time as well.

(Midland, TX)

Mark H.

Life changing...   Dr. Fulmer is exceptional!!

(Midland, TX)

David M.

Very good experience with Dr Fulmer. Office is well run as well.

(Midland, TX)

Joshua W.

Great place in all. I usually would dread coming to a doctors office for anything, but here it's so different. The staff and doctors make it a great place. They will talk with you about anything, life and all. I like this especially because it makes me feel more comfortable with them, and helps me know they care for my health and all.

(Waco, TX)

Brenda C.

Turbinate Reduction = Relief!

Great experience overall. Turbinate reduction was easy and painless. It took about 3 weeks of healing before I felt the relief, but now I can breathe freely for the first time in ages. I am glad I had it done.

(San Antonio, TX)

Andy H.

Excellent Experience!!

Staff was very kind and courteous. I never once felt pressured or pressed into anything. Also the staff was extremely informative and answered questions thoroughly. The procedure was much easier and painless than I imagined. I have already told friends about it and will continue to advocate for Texan Allergy and Sinus Center. Excellent experience!

(Midland, TX)

Oliva R.

Dr Fulmer is very courteous and understanding. He takes good care of his patients.

(Midland, TX)

Britney T.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff are very friendly. He listened to my issues and was able to help. I can finally breath again!

(Midland, TX)

Billy S.

The results have been good. Everyone involved has been kind and helpful.  I do not feel like they are in a hurry to leave, but are willing to answer any and all questions that I may have had.

(Waco, TX)

Elizabeth K.

I would highly recommend Texan Allergy and Sinus Center to anyone. The staff is wonderful, very helpful and kind. I feel so much better after my sinus procedure! My son and I are both taking allergy drops and look forward to less allergy and eventually little, to no allergy symptoms in the future! Thank you Texan Allergy and Sinus Center!!!

(Waco, TX)

Heather M.


Results are amazing! I can breathe better than I could before and I do not have the sinus pressure in the front part of my face like I did before.

(Midland, TX)

Cheryl Y.

I could not be happier with the results of my procedure! Sinus headaches have all but disappeared. The staff and doctor are so professional and helpful.

(Midland, TX)

Alvino G.

I highly recommend Texan Allergy and Sinus Center!!

I recommend anyone suffering from sinus issues to visit Texan Allergy and Sinus Center. Since my procedure, I have been able to enjoy a better quality of life. I did not know what I was missing.

(Midland, TX)

Sherry M.

I am extremely pleased with getting the procedure done. I had suffered for years with bad headaches, congestion and lack of sleep. After having the surgery, I was able to sleep and wake up rested. I would highly recommend this office and doctor to anyone suffering from bad sinuses.

(San Antonio, TX)

Bryan R.

Over all experience was Great ! Got right in on every visit , Very little wait time .

(Midland, TX)

Robin W.

Staff was very friendly and procedure was easy and painless.

(Midland, TX)

David M.

Texan Allergy is extremely efficient. One visit was all it took to diagnose and develop a treatment plan. It is apparent that the mission of the doctors and staff is to help the patients in the quickest, most effective way. Other ENT doctors I have visited in the past took multiple visits to just diagnose and I still never received a solution to the problems. The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure was really quick and painless and solved the problems I have been having for the last 8 years with a 15 minute procedure. The only regret I have is that i did not do it sooner.

(Waco, TX)

Kerri H.

Dr. Fulmer was very professional and the results are amazing! Very happy with my experience and procedure!

(Midland, TX)

Neyman N.

This was the best thing I have had done. The pressure in my face was gone, my eyes don't hurt anymore. My wife says I am a happier person, I am sure that is true,I can breathe again. Everyone here is so nice and helpful,if you are having sinus issues don't put it off like I did, have them give your life back.

(Midland, TX)

Kristi F.

I feel 100 times better! The staff and doctors have been very helpful and caring through my process. Thank you so much!

(Midland, TX)

Jennifer K.

Procedure was very helpful, recovery was very easy and overall feel better after procedure.

(Midland, TX)

Alicia B.

How can you say I enjoy going to the Dr. Well, my experience was great I had the Sinuplasty and Turbinate Reduction and as soon as I came to after the procedure, which they do in the office, I could breathe better than I had been able to breathe in years! I did have the cold symptoms like they told me I would for like 3 weeks but I was so used to having those symptoms . I appreciate the nice Dr. Fulmer and staff here and will definitely refer people to this office.

(Midland. TX)

Tiffany P.

Highly Recommend!

Very personable and professional. Wonderful experience overall, highly recommend!

(Midland, TX)

Stacy G.

Dr Fulmer is great!

(Midland. TX)

Karen G.

Exceptional... Exceptional!!

(Waco, TX)

Cecelia H.

I can breath so much better!!!

Dr Fulmer was great. He answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable.

(Waco, TX)

Shannon B.

Each staff member made me feel that they were concerned about my situation. Communication was great with the office by email, text and phone calls. I have been so pleased that my husband, who never goes to the doctor, is ready to make his appointment. Balloon Sinuplasty has changed my life for the better and I am very thankful that we have this office in Midland.

(Midland, TX)

Amy B.

This doctor has been great. I have had much relief.

(Waco, TX)

Ludwig D.

To the point of being repetitive, everyone has been so professional and caring from the first visit to the final follow up.

(Waco, TX)

Melissa F.

The staff and physicians are awesome! I would recommend Texas Allergy and Sinus Center to anyone having issues with their sinuses!

(San Antonio, TX)

Ronald B.

Recommended for Everybody!!

Very good, Fantastic!

(Waco, TX)

Stephanie C.

Great experience! Dr. Fulmer and staff were very friendly and professional! Very thorough and listens and addresses all concerns.

(Midland, TX)

Jennifer B.

Awesome! Great staff, Great Doctor!

(Midland, TX)

Mary Ann M.

Dr. Fulmer and staff were all wonderful with helping me and taking care of me .

(Midland, TX)

Raymond W.

Dr. Fulmer is very friendly and gentle when working on a patient. I would not hesitate to visit him again.

(Midland, TX)

Elsie P.

I highly recommend them!

(Midland, TX)

Laci H.

Very friendly Dr and staff.

(Midland, TX)

Rita C.

Having my Balloon Sinuplasty was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I spent many days in terrible pain due to sinus infections.  But now after this simple and painless procedure, I feel great. Thanks, Dr. Fulmer!!

(Waco, TX)

Samuel F.

Excellent. Quality Care!

(Waco, TX)

Elaine H.

Very good, love the result, I can breath!!

(San Antonio, TX)

Lavanda P.

Would highly recommend this procedure and this doctor and staff.

(Midland, TX)

Timothy S.

Years of sinus pain gone thanks to Texan Allergy...

Dr. Fulmer and the entire staff was fantastic. Explanations and directions were easy to understand and follow. You could tell their patient care is a top priority.

(Midland, TX)

Jessie A.

This has been life changing...

Dr. Fulmer was great! He thoroughly explained everything and made sure that I understood and was comfortable with everything.

(Midland, TX)

Janette J.

Dr. Fulmer was very informative about my procedure with any questions or concerns that I had. I'm very pleased that I chose Texan Allergy to take care of my sinus problems.

(Midland, TX)

Tanya B.

This was a great experience and I can breathe again!!

(San Antonio, TX)

Eugene T.

I feel 100% better!!

Great services.  Dr. Fulmer and staff are wonderful!

(Midland, TX)

Rhonda S.

Life Changing!!

Really made a difference in my life! The painful headaches are gone. This has been by far one of the best medical decisions of my life. I feel amazing. The staff at Texan Allergy of Waco are amazing.

(Waco, TX)

Elizabeth C.


Have not had a headache in a month. I had the Balloon Sinuplasty done Nov. 7th and I feel so much better and opened up, breathing better.

Dr. Fulmer is great!

(San Antonio, TX)

Patricia M.

Staff and doctor are very friendly and helpful. Doctor fixed my sinus problem using his magic.

(San Antonio, TX)

Joseph H.

An office to be trusted:

Dr Fulmer and staff were all very friendly and professional. The Balloon Sinuplasty has been a life saver. It has really helped me.

(Midland, TX)

Lynn R.

Excellent service, professional and informative all the way through pre and post op, exceptional staff.   Highly recommend!!

(Waco, TX)

Eric G.

Dr. Fulmer was sensitive to the needs and asked many different questions. Staff was always friendly and concerned about their patients.

(San Antonio, TX)

Lasandra W.

I can Breathe again!

I have had sinus problem for years.  I finally had the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and it has help a lot!

(Midland, TX)

Michael W.

Great!  I Feel much better.

(Waco, TX)

Chris L.

I am truly impressed! After 25 years of sinus pain and headaches, I can truly breath again. Best decision I ever made.!!

(Waco, TX)

Rendi R.

Highly Recommended!

Loved knowing that everything was going to be done quickly and to the best of their ability. Very kind and caring staff.

(Waco, TX)

Frank F.

The doctor was very attended to me. Dr Fulmer answered all my questions before and after the surgery.

(San Antonio, TX)

Raul O.


I recommend coming and seeing Dr. Fulmer. He has been great and has relieved my sinus issues with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. I can breathe again and my recurring headaches/eye pressure has gone away.

(San Antonio, TX)

Lauren W.

Excellent Service:

Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable staff! I was very comfortable during the Sinuplasty procedure due to the staffs excellent service. No Pain!! The doctor was awesome, and I'm  very Happy with the outcome.

(Waco, TX)

Dave T.

Great Experience:

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were great. I understood all my options and was able to make an informed decision.

(Waco, TX)

Rebecca T.

I had a great experience. He was kind, thorough, and informative.

(Waco, TX)

Andrew R.

Dr Fulmer and staff are very welcoming and very helpful. They answered every question and were detailed. The Balloon Sinuplasty along with the allergy drops are helping me tremendously, and I feel 100 percent better!!

(Midland, TX)

Easton H.

Everything went great!  The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great followup and information to help me after treatment.

(Midland, TX)

Selina M.

Excellent staff and I'm very happy with Dr. Fulmer's Balloon Sinuplasty procedure.

(San Antonio, TX)

Lauren D.

Dr Fulmer gave great care, and was very knowledgeable in his explanations.  He made me feel comfortable about the surgery at each step.

(San Antonio, TX)

Susan P.

Excellent experience!  I wish I had done this years ago. Doctor and staff were great.

(Midland, TX)

Julia E.

Texan allergy was truly a blessing for me! The staff was always very courteous and professional, wait times were quick. Dr Fulmer was amazing! I will always return and recommend to friends and family!!

(Midland, TX)

Lisa B.

I have never been treated so well by a staff before. They are always so welcoming and genuinely concerned about my well being.

(Midland, TX)

Taylor B.

My experience was excellent. The staff was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The procedure and recovery surpassed my expectations and overall I am glad I had the Balloon Sinuplasty done.

(Midland, TX)

Jill G.

My experience at Texas Allergy and Sinus Center has been Great! The Dr and Staff were all very professional, helpful and kind. Before I came I had a chronic sinus infection which triggered regular bouts of Bronchitis. Since the surgery my sinus headaches are gone and I can breath through my nose again. I am so glad that I had the Sinuplasty done. I would recommend Dr Fulmer and his staff at Texas Allergy and Sinus Center to both friends and family.

(Midland. TX)

Catherine M.

Outstanding Service:

The Texan Allergy staff is friendly, helpful and answered all my questions.

(Midland, TX)

Jerri L.

Dr Fulmer was very nice and explained the procedure. The Balloon Sinuplasty was painless and I felt very relaxed even with my anxiety!!

(Midland, TX)

Rebecca R.

Exceptionally pleased with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, after not being able to breathe properly for years. I Highly recommend this procedure to anyone having sinus difficulties. Dr. Fulmer and staff are exceptional.

(Midland, TX)

Caleb W.


It's honestly hard describe how wonderful it has been coming to Texan Allergy! Dr. Fulmer was great working with. He explains everything very thoroughly and step by step, never leaving the patient wondering what is going on. The whole experience was very calm, comfortable, and relaxed from the moment I met Dr. Fulmer. I recommend this place to EVERYONE!!

(Midland, TX)

Anne B.

Dr. Fulmer made me very comfortable and at home. He told me what to expect so I was not worried or scared at all.

(Midland, TX)

Linda W.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were excellent, friendly, and gave lots of information before, during and after the Balloon Sinuplasty.

(Midland, TX)

Vellia M.

I had a great experience, my procedure was a success! The doctor and the staff are very informative, helpful and nice.

(Midland, TX)

Lee Santa Maria

Dr. Fulmer was excellent. He explained my procedure in detail and made me feel very comfortable with my Balloon Sinuplasty surgery both before and afterward. The surgery was non invasive and I was very comfortable throughout the whole procedure (which took a total of less than 10 minutes). I was able to go back to work two days later and I highly recommend taking it easy for a couple of days to let the healing process start before over extending yourself. The follow up appointments mainly cleared some small scabs that form and once those are removed I was able to breath better than I have ever been able to. The first two weeks required four nasal rinses a day but once I got used to the routine it was second nature. Dr. Fulmer is a true professional and I highly recommend anyone that is thinking about having this surgery to go to him for his knowledge and expertise. -Lee Santa Maria.

(Midland, TX)

Corey G.

I can not begin to explain the relief. After the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, I can breath again!  I forgot how it feels to have no sinus congestion. Dr. Fulmer and staff were Fantastic, Helpful, and Knowledgeable. I would recommend this office to everyone having sinus issues.

(Midland, TX)

Adelby O.

Dr. Fulmer is an excellent doctor and helped me deal with my sinus problems.

(Waco, TX)

Cynthia O.

Dr. Fulmer is an excellent doctor. During my consultation visit, he completely explained the Balloon Sinuplasty, went over my CT scan with me, and answered any questions I had. During the procedure, he explained each step before he proceeded and asked how I was doing after each step. He is a very professional and caring doctor. The Sinuplasty has changed my life. I have not had a headache since the day of the procedure, which he had said might happen. I am able to sleep much better at night and am actually thinking more clearly without the constant pressure in my forehead. The office staff at the Midland office are very friendly and helpful. The medical staff have a very professional and caring attitude. The first time I visited the office, I felt that everyone here genuinely cares about their patients. I have told many friends and coworkers about both the Balloon Sinuplasty and the allergy drops, which are much more convenient than weekly trips to get shots. I would highly recommend Dr. Fulmer and Texas Allergy & Sinus Center to anyone who suffers from chronic sinus infections and allergies.

(Midland, TX)

Traci T.

"Great Experience"

Dr. Fulmer is very kind and compassionate. He is a competent physician who is very professional.

(Midland, TX)

Patricia S.

My experience with Dr Fulmer has been a very positive one. He was professional and thorough. I am very satisfied with the results. I look forward to less headaches and better breathing! My visits were always on time and I feel that I was informed of all avenues to continue with better sinus health.

Thank you Texan Allergy staff and Dr Fulmer.

(Midland, TX)

Cheryl K.

Get It Done!!

I have dealt with severe sinus problems for more years than I can remember. I saw an advertisement on TV and told my husband I was going to set up an appointment. I was very skeptical that they could do anything. I had tried every medication that is available, including prescription and over the counter. When my cat scan was done and I was told how bad it was, I was not shocked, but still did not believe anything could be done. After my Balloon Sinuplasty, I could not believe the difference. I can actually breathe through both nostrils, have smelled things I did not know existed, and it has even changed the way my food tastes for the better. I would recommend Dr. Fulmer to anyone who has problems with sinus infections, headaches, or congested feelings! Do not wait 15 years to get it done! Do it today, you will not believe the difference.

(Midland, TX)

Annette S.

I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Fulmer. Very knowledgeable and qualified, always answered my questions and made sure I was taken care of. I wish I had come here sooner. One month post-op and my improvement is far better than I expected! I highly recommend Dr. Fulmer and the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure at Texan Allergy.

(Midland, TX)

Chance P.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff where top notch. The Balloon Sinuplasty I had done was handled in a couple hours, the pain was minimal, and the recovery period was short. I was back at work in 48 hours and was experiencing minor aches and pains at best. The post ops where quick, and the instructions explained clearly so I knew the impact of the healing. Every visit was done to the convenience of my schedule as they worked hard to make that happen while I travel for work. Everyone from the doctor to the front desk were friendly and sociable and it felt like they cared that I was recovering.  If you have to get work done here, I recommend it!  They are informed, helpful,and sincere. Not to mention the result I have received after their medical treatments are the difference between night and day.  I am able to breathe with a level of comfort I have not had since I was a young kid!!

(Waco, TX)

Brian M.

I will be sending friends and family. They did an awesome job.

(San Antonio, TX)

Mary W.

The staff was amazing, including Dr. Fulmer!!!

(Waco, TX)

Carol L.

I am blessed; a fifteen minute Balloon Sinuplasty procedure with Dr. Fulmer, and I can smell and breath again. If you suffer from sinusitis please do not wait any longer!  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fulmer and his staff, they are wonderful! Thank you Dr. Fulmer!

(Waco, TX)

Rickey P.

The experience was very good, the only thing I would say about the procedure is to have patience with the overall results. They do come!

(Waco, TX)

Janet N.

All Clear!!

The Balloon Sinuplasty was the best thing for me.  Dr. Fulmer did a wonderful job finding out what I needed to clear up my sinuses. He is very friendly and easy to talk to about your sinus problems.

(Midland, TX)

Malayne J.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure was very helpful.  I have no more pressure headaches and that is such a relief!  The care before and after the procedure was easy, and it has really helped me.  The staff was very helpful and answered any and all questions that I had with each visit.

(Midland, TX)

Lisa B.

Excellent experience and no more sinus headaches:

Very professional and personable, everyone in the office is friendly and the waiting time is kept to a minimum. I am very pleased.

(Midland, TX)

Johnny M.

I was suffering with sinus headaches seasonally. I am a month out of my procedure and he has fixed 99 percent of my problems.

(Midland, TX)

Joaine K.

Dr. Fulmer is very pleasant, as is the staff. No waiting. The Balloon Sinuplasty was very easy and the results are well worth it. Its all about quality of life and I am FINALLY feeling good again. Thank you, THANK YOU, Texan Allergy!

(Midland, TX)

Lois P.

I am a new woman!!! I cannot believe how much better I feel! I would recommend everyone have the Balloon Sinuplasty done. It has improved my quality of life ten fold!!!

(Midland, TX)

Tonya K.

Dr. Fulmer has a good bed side manner. Very friendly. Keeps you informed every step of the way.

(Midland, TX)

Christopher P.

The staff are very friendly and professional. Overall, a very nice experience.

(Waco, TX)

Mary H.

Excellent doctor (Dr. Fulmer).  I've gone from a migraine 2 times a week, to only 2 in one month!!  The entire staff was great and I would recommend Texan Allergy and Sinus Center to anyone who needs this done.

(Waco, TX)

Saul R.

I highly recommend Dr. Fulmer and his staff, they have been great though out all my visits. I have been to several other clinics in town and Texan Allergy is above them all. I definitely recommend Texan Allergy to anyone.

(Midland, TX)

Candace M.

If you have frequent sinus infections and/or headaches this procedure (Balloon Sinuplasty) will change your life!!

(Midland, TX)

Jonathan L.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were completely professional at all times. The procedure (Balloon Sinuplasty) was especially easy thanks to their great personal attention to me. Nurse follow ups were a pleasant surprise, as I have never had someone personally call to check on my status after an appointment. This is a phenomenal staff and I would recommend them to anyone needing this type of medical attention.

(Waco, TX)

Jan S.

Dr. Fulmer is fantastic. I would recommend the Balloon Sinuplasty to everyone who cannot breathe.

(Midland, TX)

Brandy F.

The staff was very friendly and caring. The doctor (Dr. Fulmer) that performed my sinus procedure was very good. He is very thorough. He definitely cares about his patients. I appreciate the staff checking on me afterward. The procedure is amazing. I can breathe again.

(Midland, TX)

Michael C.

Every thing went really good with my Balloon Sinuplasty and I can breathe 10 times better.

(San Antonio, TX)

Morgan M.

Dr. Fulmer was very courteous and has amazing bedside manor. My experience with Texan Allergy has been amazing.

(Waco, TX)

Amanda C.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were professional and helpful. Dr. Fulmer clearly explained the procedure and used CT images to help me understand what structural issues would be fixed by the Balloon Sinuplasty. He did a great job setting expectations for post-procedure outcomes and Alex was available to answer any questions I had. I'm four weeks out, and I feel better than ever.

(Waco, TX)

Stacey H.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure helped get rid of my sinus pressure and sinus headaches!! My husband is thankful that I no longer snore. My only regret is not knowing about this sooner!!

(Midland, TX)

Melissa P.

My Life Has Changed!!

The allergy drops and surgery have literally changed my life. I no longer have headaches, earaches or a scratchy throat. Better yet, I can breathe!

(San Antonio, TX)

Scott C.

Dr. Fulmer was friendly, and easy to talk to which made it easy to discuss the issues I had. The treatments he prescribed were all very effective. I feel much better after everything. Their office and staff are very nice. They even gave me a TV to watch while waiting in the exam room. I would definitely recommend him to any one needing allergy and sinus help.

(Waco, TX)

Jim P.

I am very pleased with Dr. Fulmer who preformed my procedure, as well as the results of the procedure!

(Waco, TX)

Cecilia S.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure went well. Dr. Fulmer and his staff are friendly. I have had a great outcome.

(Midland, TX)

Steve O.

Before this I couldn't breath on one side probably 70 percent of the time, usually at night.  That is no longer a problem.  I can breath normally all the time now.  My headaches have diminished.  It remains to be seen if the sinus infections go away, but I bet they do.  Thanks guys!!

(Midland, TX)

Cindy N.

I came in for seasonal allergies, but then I was told they could make an appointment for my constant sinuses issues.  So when I came in, I learned that I was eligible for a Balloon Sinuplasty.  I was nervous only because its surgery.  But everyone here was extremely helpful from day one, when I came in for the procedure I was tended to hand and foot. So to speak... had a pleasant surgery, no problems.  Two weeks of misery (congested) of course with the healing, but every time I come back in here I am greeted as if I am family. Now I am on my final appointment and feeling AMAZING.  From the doctor, to his INCREDIBLE staff, I was superbly pleased with the overall experience. I don't know how I could ever thank everyone enough!!!

(San Antonio, TX)

William N.

"Best decision I have made to fix my allergies!"

Dr. Fulmer was very professional, thorough in his explanations, and out-patient procedure went exactly as described.

(San Antonio, TX)

Kay A.

I could not be more pleased. Dr. Fulmer and his staff were not only highly qualified and competent but also kind, considerate, and caring and the results of the Balloon Sinuplasty are amazing.

(Waco, TX)

Elisama F.

My allergies were getting worse and worse as the years were going by. I felt like I always had a cold, running nose, and stuffy. My sister told me about Texan Allergy. So, I gave them a call and set up an appointment.

The day of my appointment Dr. Fulmer scanned my sinuses to see what was going on. My sinuses were completely shut. He talked to me about "Balloon Sinuplasty". I had my surgery and now thanks to Dr. Fulmer I can breath and smell again. I'm really glad I had the procedure.

Tammie H.

The whole staff was very good and very friendly.  Dr. Fulmer explained everything very well. I would recommend them to anyone who has problems of this kind.

Gabrial C.

The staff is very helpful and friendly. I like the clean office and Dr. Fulmer takes time to answer any questions. The expectations are laid out clearly and any concerns I had were promptly addressed. Great experience compared to other offices I have visited.

Brenda A.

No More Sinus Infections!!

The Balloon Sinuplasty has been very beneficial for me. The procedure was not painful and after healing I feel much better.  Dr Fulmer and his nurse Alex are a pleasure to deal with. They make every attempt to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Carla G.

I really have had a good experience with Dr. Fulmer. He took the time to explain everything that would be involved with my procedure and during the time of the procedure. He treated me like a patient and not a 'number'.

Elisama F.

My allergies were getting worse and worse as the years were going by. I felt like I always had a cold, running nose, and stuffy. My sister told me about Texan Allergy. So, I gave them a call and set up an appointment.

The day of my appointment Dr. Fulmer scanned my sinuses to see what was going on. My sinuses were completely shut. He talked to me about Balloon Sinuplasty. I had my surgery and now thanks to Dr. Fulmer I can breath and smell again. I'm really glad I had the procedure.

Karra M.

Dr. Fulmer was wonderful to work with. He saw me on time...no waiting for an hour like some doctors in Midland. HE was to the point without being cold...very personable!

Joe A.

I am so glad I finally came to Dr. Fulmer. For 25 years I had chronic sinus infections. From Thanksgiving to May I had 6 episodes...coughing all the time for 6 months. The first thing I noticed a few days after the Balloon Sinuplasty was my cough was gone. I wish I had done this years ago when I first heard about the procedure.

Brenda C.

Dr. Fulmer is very friendly and helpful; he answers any questions or concerns you may have. He explains the procedure very well and you will have hands on people there throughout the procedure.

Robert M.

The staff was very helpful and called me multiple times to make sure I was feeling okay or the symptoms were 'normal'. My follow ups were also quick. I was in and out and never waited more then about 7 minutes in the waiting room. Dr. Fulmer is great. He answers all my questions and addresses my concerns and never rushes me like doctors tend to do.

Darren C.

Very pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Fulmer and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. They explained every part of the procedure and made sure I was comfortable through the complete process. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Todd K.

Best thing in the World!!  I have no more facial pain!  I was dealing with this 24/7 and now its GONE!!  Dr. Fulmer is a very good doctor.

Christopher V.

It has been a joy being a patient with Texan Allergy and Sinus Center.  Dr. Fulmer and his staff have kept me informed throughout the process, and most importantly I have been able to breath much better since the procedure.

Patricia H.

I like how I can breathe freely now. I have not had one sinus headache since the procedure. I would recommend the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure to anyone having sinus problems/headaches. It has been a grand relief and has given me my freedom back to live a very productive life! Dr. Fulmer is highly recommended and is very professional and informative. Texan Allergy is the BEST!

Richard W.

Dr. Fulmer was amazing, answered all my questions! He was very interested in the success of the procedure, as well as my health. The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure was very effective and I can breathe easily through my nose for the first time!

Michael B.

Doctor was amazing, answered all my questions and was very interested in the success of the procedure as well as my health. Procedure was very effective, can breathe easily through my nose for the first time!

George K.

Friendly and courteous staff. Very professional.

Lucille M.

Excellent!! Who knew this simple Balloon Sinuplasty procedure would turn my sinus problems around! I no longer suffer with sinus problems and can finally breathe again! I highly recommend it!

Kimberly O.

I can breathe again!!! The Balloon Sinuplasty was easy and effective!! Wish I had done it years before!! This office is amazing!! The staff is friendly and kind! I am recommending this practice to everyone I know who suffers from sinus issues! They are THAT good!!

John T.

This has been the best thing that I have ever done for my allergies.  I have been congested for most of my life.  After having the Balloon Sinuplasty I have not been congested.  It has changed my life.  I feel good and do not have the sinus pressure that I have suffered so long.  I would recommend anyone with severe sinus problems to be evaluated to see if the Balloon Sinuplasty would help them.  It was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Brian H.

Very good! I can breathe much better. Staff very friendly and very organized. Very little wait time, best experience ever in a Doctor's office.

Linda J.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff at Texas Allergy are excellent...The Balloon Sinuplasty was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Marium B.

Very caring the whole time, before during and after the procedure. He answered any question without hesitation, and projected confidence.

Leslie H.

The entire experience from start to follow up was fantastic, every step was explained thoroughly and any question I had was answered friendly and professionally. I am excited about the new quality of life I will have and have already recommended several others to come and do the same.

Adriene A.

I am so happy I came here! He has helped me out tremendously!

Michael W.

First, the doctor and medical staff are excellent -- very professional and friendly. Dr. Fulmer explained the procedure fully, performed it gently and was very thorough in his followup.

Angela G.

Dr Fulmer, the nurses and staff have been super! They took excellent care of me, and I found it easy to talk to them and ask questions. It's only been 4 weeks since the procedure and I could not be happier with the results. Just 3 weeks after the surgery, there was a terrible sand storm here, and I was the only person at work that did not have a headache! If you are wondering if this is right for you, come in and talk to these folks. They will take excellent care of you and you will wonder why you did not do it sooner.

Susan W.

Dr. Fulmer was very professional and explained the process great. He made me feel at ease with the procedure and I felt very knowledgeable going in.

Ismael D.

Staff was excellent in letting me feel comfortable and informative on procedure.

Joann S.

I highly recommend Dr . Fulmer and his staff! I sleep better , I feel better, I breathe better!! I have a new life!!! His staff is not only organized , they are friendly and at all times professionals. The environment is very comfortable!!! Come and get your new life started!! THANK YOU DR. FULMER !

Adela R.

Doctor was excellent!! He made me fill so comfortable with all the questions I asked on the Balloon Sinuplasty.

Kristi S.

The procedure wasn't that painful and I really appreciated that the doctor and nurse talked with me, as it helped me feel much more relaxed. I was amazed at how quickly it was done. I had been dealing with chronic sinus infections so this has really helped me feel so much better! .

MIlton W.

Well over all the surgery was not painful and did help in many ways. Helps me breathe and sleep better; and I can catch a deeper breath.

Tammie H.

The most wonderful thing I have done. It was a little uncomfortable at first but I would do this all over again. I have even told my children they need to have this done. AWESOME staff here. Love Dr Fulmer he is the best !!! .

Carson R.

Doc is a super cool guy. Very nice and listened.  I have never been so relieved! Thanks ya'll!

Corey W.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were great. They were very friendly and accommodating. Surgery (Balloon Sinuplasty) worked.  I would recommend to anyone who has blocked sinuses!!

Charlotte B.

I am extremely satisfied! I enjoyed working with Dr. Fulmer. He was very kind, professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I had a Balloon Sinuplasty performed, and I have never had more clear sinuses in my life!

Cinthia C.

My overall experience was great with Dr. Fulmer and all the clinical staff. The procedure itself was not as bad as people think. The recovery process was quick and Dr. Fulmer made sure to let me know exactly what to expect so that I wouldn't panic. His staff is great and very helpful. Nikki made me feel so calm during the surgery. I am finally able to breathe like I never have in my life. My workouts are more productive and my quality of life has improved tremendously! I would recommend Dr. Fulmer and his staff to anyone looking to improve their life and get their breathing back. I am completely satisfied and very thankful for this procedure.

Lisa L.

Being so claustrophobic I was really dreading the procedure. I was very surprised how quickly it went. And I was really amazed that there was absolutely no bruising! The only thing that bothered me was that my upper teeth were very tender for several days. But that did not last long. I would recommend this to anyone with sinus problems. In fact I have recommended this clinic to several family and friends.

Mary S.

I think that this was the best procedure I have ever had done. We don't truly understand how much our sinuses affect our lives. I can breath now, no headaches, no dizziness, no more ear aches, more energy and better sleep!! Anyone who is considering having it done, believe me it is sooooo worth it!!

Michael W.

Dr Fulmer has been exceptionally professional and very informative with his work with me. I have enjoyed his suggestions for recovery throughout the healing process.

Amanda R.

Great experience with Dr. Fulmer and his staff. I suffered from both allergies and sinusitis and they are helping me with both. I would recommend the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure to anyone with chronic sinus headaches or sinus infections. Dr Fulmer was very patient with me and explained everything thoroughly. The staff is also very kind. The follow up care is also second to none.

Shelia M.

To start I would highly recommend this office in Midland Texas. Everyone here is very professional and very courteous. The office is kept very immaculate. I was super impressed my first visit when not only did we talk about my allergies, we were able to do the testing right then. My second visit I met with the Dr. that would do my surgery, after a brief visit we did the CT scan, got the results immediately and set a time for my surgery. I was and still am super impressed and would highly recommend this location to anyone. My surgery (In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty) went well and my surgeon was kind and gracious.

Ladonna S.

Dr Fulmer, Nikki, and the staff are amazing! Always polite and willing to answer questions. They are very thorough and explain the treatment process very well. I was very satisfied with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Thanks to Dr Fulmer I no longer have chronic sinus problems, it's nice to finally be able to breathe again!

Megan L.

I love this place!! The Doctor was very professional and very caring! The staff was very friendly. I highly recommend this place to everyone! Best allergist in town!

Christopher M.

I found my experience with the doctor and his staff to be very helpful. Doctor Fulmer made sure that I was aware of the procedure to be done and had a good understanding of how it was going to happen. The entire staff was very helpful and understanding with the scheduling. From Dr. Fulmer all the way to the front desk I have yet to see a non smiling face in the office. Since the surgery i have been able to get a full nights rest and not wake up congested. Two thumbs up, and many many thank yous.

Freddy R.

I am extremely happy with my procedure and treatment since the In-office Balloon Sinuplasty.   I am breathing much better, sleeping better and I feel better over all!! I  would certainly recommend the Texan Allergy & Sinus Clinic and staff to anyone with allergies.

Beverly W.

No beating around the bush, Dr. Fulmer recognized my symptoms and began diagnosing and treatment without delay.  I was completely prepared for what was next except how very quickly and completely I could breathe and how little a I had been breathing before. My cough was eliminated 60 - 75 percent immediately. I do recommend Dr Fulmer and his care and wonderful Vickie, to provide breathing, full breathing to all those I care about!

Elizabeth T.

Excellent results!!  I  would recommend this procedure to any one who has Sinus problems.

Tony S.

As usual, everything during my last visit went extremely well.  Both Nurse Vicki and Dr. Fulmer are very well versed in all they do.  I'm always impressed with how Vicki goes out of her way to be sure that what needs to be done, is done right.  A big thank you to both of them for coming to St. Mark's in LaGrange.

Pete W.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff were great. I wish I could have had the procedure done 10 years ago. I have always suffered with sinus headaches and infections. Since the procedure I can honestly say that it is 110 percent better. I would recommend anyone with sinus issues to have the procedure. You will not regret it.

Macie M.

My experience with Dr. Fulmer was a great experience. I came to him seeking relief from terrible migraines. After my Septoplasty surgery, the difference was black and white. No more migraines and I could breathe and smell better! He is very respectable and trustworthy. He kept me informed of everything he would be doing and explained the whole process to me well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anthony V.

Dr. Fulmer did a Great Job. He is the Best! I started telling my family and friends about him.

Kimberly K.

I feel so much better now .. I can breathe thru my nose and my headaches are so much better and this is only two weeks after!!  I didn't have any complications after my procedure either...!!!

Lauren B.

Dr Fulmer and his staff here at Texan Allergy & Sinus Center have been wonderful! Dr Fulmer is very thorough and explains everything to you. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Fulmer and his staff. He sat down and explained everything to me about my sinuses and the procedures he has to offer and their benefits. I was able make make an informed decision that was best for me with his help and knowledge.

I'm very happy with my balloon sinuplasty procedure!!!

John H.

Dr. Fulmer was very professional.  His staff was great and I can breath through my nose now!  The surgery was worth it!! Thank you , Dr. Fulmer.

Victoria S.

Dr. Fulmer did a Great Job. He is the Best! I have started telling my family and friends about him.

Anthony V.

I can breath again!!  Dr. Fulmer was very informative and let me know everything that was being done, NO Surprises.

Cindy H.

Words are inadequate for these wonderful people and what they do. They are exceptional and very attentive. I would recommend anyone with sinus and allergy issues to give this place an opportunity to to get you the relief that they have me!!! Give them a call, you wont be sorry!!! Dr. Fulmer, Nikki Wade, Tiffany, and Taylor are exceptional people who truly care how you feel and show it without a doubt

Bob McW.

Dr. Fulmer and his staff are amazing. From my first visit to my last everyone was patient and kind. For once i felt like i was being taken care of and not just another number walking through the door. I would recommend him to anyone.

Clinton R.

I had a good experience at Real Sinus Solutions. I can now sleep all night long because I can breathe so much better.

Jimmy C.

The procedure was very helpful. I am snoring less and my nose is more open. Dr. Fulmer and his staff are very helpful and pleasant to work with. If I had to do it again, I would certainly do it.

James H.

This procedure was easy and quick. After the first few days you can feel the difference in your breathing.

John M.

Dr. Fulmer was very helpful and explained the whole procedure quite well. Vicki, his nurse, was very caring and helpful throughout the entire experience.

Karen H.

Excellent staff. Great doctors. Great results. Any one with sinus problems needs to check this out.

Renae K.

The procedure was very helpful. I am experiencing less snoring and my nose is more open. Dr. Fulmer and his staff are very helpful and pleasant to work with. If I had to do it again, I would certainly do it.

Jimmy C.

I was very nervous, but they we very caring and talked me through the procedure without any difficulties.

Kim S.

Absolutely wonderful! The results, the staff, the doctor. It all went very well and without any real discomfort. I can sleep through the night without being awakened with a sinus headache. And food is way more enjoyable when the person preparing and eating can smell it, it even tastes better too! Life is good when you can breath! Thanks for making it happen!

Glenn M.

The service was excellent. I can finally sleep through the night because my nose is much improved.

Hugh P.

I thought there was no hope for my sinus problems, until I heard about Dr. Fulmer. The Balloon Sinuplasty is a miracle and I do not ever remember breathing this well. Additionally, I no longer snore and I do not need my CPAP any longer. Again, it's a miracle. Dr. Fulmer and Nurse Vicki took good care of me and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I am very glad I had this procedure done.

Ed D.

The procedure relieved pressure on my sinuses and I am now able to get a good night's sleep. I have migraine headache problems and this has improved also with the elimination of the sinus pressure. It has resulted in an overall improvement in 'well being'.

Sam G.

Dr. Fulmer is great! I had sinus surgery and everything went very smoothly and everything went as planned. He's a very calm person and a good listener. I highly recommend!

Bob B.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. One week later breathing easier through nose.

Kathleen B.

My experience was great and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. The Dr was extremely knowledgable and informative and it was a painless procedure. The staff was great too and very attentive and followed up as well. I would recommend anyone who is having chronic sinus issues to use Dr Fulmer and have this procedure done.

Cynthia S.

Very professional and friendly staff. Great results for Jacobs sinus problem. Great communication with patient in the office and regarding appointments etc.

Frances G.

I am really pleased with the results, I can finally breathe again. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. The whole clinic employees are great. My experience has been great.

Lyndsay P.

Dr Fulmer and Vicki walked me through the entire process from initial office visit to scheduling my procedure. As a nurse and patient, I feel very confident in my decision to have Dr Fulmer perform my procedure.

Sylvia A.

Wonderful results!! I can breathe again and if you have COPD that is saying a lot. Professional and informative doctor and staff. Very helpful.

Julianne G.

Dr. Fulmer was awesome! He was able to put me at ease and was very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone.

Dennis W.

I am extremely impressed with how thorough Dr. Fulmer is. I felt very comfortable with him. I am glad to have found him. He explained everything to me so that I understood all of my tests and surgery. I trust him completely.

Carol H.

I found Dr. Fulmer to have an excellent bed side manner!!! He and Vicki both made me feel confident and comfortable with the entire procedure. I would recommend this to anyone that is suffering from chronic sinus issues.



Appreciated the way he and Vickie always explained each step of whatever they were doing and the care they took with pain deadening measures so that I really felt nothing.

Sharon L.

I came to Dr. Fulmer with yet another sinus problem - this year, for the 1st time, I had 2 occurrences of my sinus passages swelling so much they were practically closed and I literally was having difficulty breathing. I worked my way up to using 12-hr. OTC nasal spray every couple of hours and was getting NO relief. Dr. Fulmer performed a brief yet thorough exam in the office, and I was thrilled that he did not refer me on for 'further testing,' as so many other doctors do. He recommended a 'turbinate coblation.' In this simple and quick procedure, radio waves are used to shrink the swollen tissue in the nasal cavity, providing more room for air to move through. He was able to get insurance approval right away and I had the procedure performed the next week. The entire visit lasted less than 15 minutes. I drove myself there and back, as there were no medication side effects. No pain pills were needed. It's been over 2 weeks now and I am breathing through my nose with no problem for the 1st time in years! Had I known Dr. Fulmer and this procedure existed, I would have had it done years ago! You cannot find a more helpful and attentive staff around, either! Best ENT experience ever!


Mary S.

Seems strange to call surgery an amazing experience but compared to nightmare stories I have heard, I was relieved and pleased with the care I received from Real Sinus Solutions. Both Dr Fulmer and his nurse,Vicki,  are wonderful communicators. Dr Fulmer set realistic expectations for both the procedure and recovery and Vicki stayed in contact with me throughout the recovery process.

Johnny P.

Dr. Fulmer is the first doctor who really listened to me about my ongoing sinus problems. He thoroughly examined my sinuses, and together we decided to proceed with the Balloon Sinuplasty and Turbinate Coblation procedure. He explained the procedure to me completely and answered all of my questions. Since the procedure, I am breathing much better and no longer have sinus pressure in my face. My wife even says I no longer snore! I know I am sleeping better and feel more rested, and it feels great to be able to breathe easily through my nose.

Norma S.

This was my first time here and did not know what to expect ...it has been a very good experience. Dr. Fulmer was very friendly, kind, a good listener ...very professional. I will definitely refer him.


Martha L.

Dr.Fulmer and staff are very friendly! I would and have recommended the procedure to family and friends. I feel great!!!

Martha L.

Dr. Fulmer and staff are very friendly! I would and have recommended the procedure to family and friends. I feel great!!!

Beverly W.

No beating around the bush! Dr Fulmer recognized my symptoms, began diagnosing and treatment without delay.  I was completely prepared for what to expect during the process, however I was surprised at how very quickly and completely I could breathe and how little a I had been breathing before. My cough was eliminated 60 - 75 percent immediately and now is almost completely gone.   I do recommend Dr Fulmer and his care and wonderful Vickie, his nurse, to provide breathing, full breathing to all those I care about!